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Appreciation for SGS Tianjin Branch Technical Knowledge Sharing Conference

Apr. 09, 2019

In the international trade market, quality control and inspection are particularly important in every order.Foreign customers regard the quality of products as the first element after placing orders. When customers cannot be present but must ensure the consistency between shipped products and ordered products, third-party inspection companies, as an impartial and professional presence, shoulder the great responsibility of testing product quality.

Appreciation for SGS Tianjin Branch Technical Knowledge Sharing Conference

Tianjin xinyue steel group has been maintaining various working relationships with SGS, TUV, BV, Llodys and other third-party certification companies since many years ago.In various third-party inspection work, our technical department and production department as the pre-control department, in each order production process, strictly in accordance with the internal production process and ITP operation.When the order process or the third party is required to conduct witness inspection as specified by the customer before shipment, we will take the attitude of being responsible for the customer and actively cooperate with the third party, hoping that the goods delivered can meet the order requirements and meet the customer requirements.

Time has witnessed a lot of support from xinyue steel group for the international market, and the working experience of third-party inspection has also become a valuable knowledge wealth of our company.From the beginning of the new quarter of 2019, we sincerely invited the technical staff of SGS tianjin branch to Tianjin Xinyue Steel Group HQ to give a knowledge lecture, with the theme of EN10204 3.2 certification process control points concerned by European customers and nodes needed to be concerned in the process of obtaining IBR certificates frequently required by Indian customers.

Appreciation for SGS Tianjin Branch Technical Knowledge Sharing Conference

SGS was founded in France in 1878, and the independent, fair, honest service principle, in the past 100 years for all enterprises to trust, in the world has 845 offices in 338 years laboratory.In the course of this lecture, we once again learned the development history and working principles of SGS.

In the process of sharing, engineer Jia and engineer Xie from SGS explained the key points of EN10204 standard of the 27 EU member states, so that we can better grasp the key technical nodes and inspection points in the process of order negotiation, order production and order inspection in the later stage.At the same time, They explained the difference between 3.1 certificate and 3.2 certificate and the relevant technical knowledge that the production department and quality inspection department should pay attention to in the production process as a production factory. Both engineer also explained The IBR certificate technical issues that should be paid attention to in each link.

For an enterprise with a foothold in the world and a long-term development, the training of employees is not only limited to the training of products and business skills. At the same time, we need to broaden our horizon and think from the perspective of customers and the third party, so as to consider all the links for customers before the production of each order.

Thanks for the technical support provided by SGS tianjin branch, and thanks for sharing the technical knowledge with us. we believe that in the future work, Tianjin Xinyue will do better in the order production process, so that all our partners have greater satisfaction and confidence in our professionalism.

Xinyue steel will always strive together with you, and our professional team is also your support team in China!

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