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Different types of anti-corrosion for SMLS steel pipe

Jun. 13, 2018

There are two main types of pipe corrosion, one is uniform corrosion, which means that the whole pipe rusted in some certain degree. The other type is called localized corrosion, it means that maybe the pipe body is not rust yet, but maybe in some point, where there are some acid liquid or other factors that caused corrosion to this point, so on this point, the pipe is rust.

Because if the pipe is rusted either for the whole pipe body, or rusted in some point, it may cause pipeline corrosion perforation.Steel corrosion process in the soil is mainly electronic chemical dissolution process due to the formation of corrosion cell. By corrosion of the battery anode and cathode area the size of space, but also the form of thick-walled seamless pipe corrosion is divided into micro-and macro-cell corrosion cell corrosion of two categories.

In summary, seamless pipe buried in the soil being the major electronic chemical corrosion, the rusted process is divided into anode and cathode process, the current flow three processes, independent of each other, a process which blocked the other two, it will stop and slow down the corrosion cell.

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