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Export to the United States

Apr. 26, 2019

The  United States as one of the world's major economies, with a very frequent trade  of China, although now current events is one of the factors which influence the  development of international trade, but for us this vast country, economically  has kept trade with other countries around the world, tianjin Xinyue Steel group  today will share with you about the export matters needing attention in the  United States.

Service  standards

Goods  in the United States require detailed services, and services after goods arrive  in Hong Kong are also very important. If the goods arrive at the port within 15  days, the goods will enter the G.O. warehouse if there is no customs declaration  bank(PROCEED), and the charges for the G.O. warehouse are very high.

Detailed  provisions

Identification  of specific transport destinations

In  the United States trade, many guests have different warehouses throughout the  United States. It is very important to finally confirm their FINAL DESTINATION  during the transportation process. Especially in the United States, the location  of the same place name is very large, such as Washington, there are 4 or 5, if  the guest has no weekly name and zip code, it is very likely to send the wrong  goods.

Many  Requirements of American Customers for Supplier to Provide Logistics  Service

Customer's  usual zoning requirements. Particular attention should be paid to some goods  sold to supermarkets abroad.

Deliver  the goods on time as required by the customer. Tracking the movement of  containers as much as possible, many foreign guests will require the goods to  arrive in Hong Kong before the specific time(SHIPPNG PERIOD). Delay in the  factory may cause large fines abroad.

The  documents are accurately and timely provided to foreign customs clearance.  Generally speaking, foreign customs clearance can be done 7 days before the ship  arrives.

Overdue  charges at ports

Delay:  the company charged, for large customers can be given more free use of the  date.

Port  demurrage charge: charged by the shipping company wharf, depending on the  wharf.


Freight  price

All  freight forwarders of the US Line are using contract prices, but not every  freight forwarder has the price of the US Line.

Restraint  provisions

The  weight limit here = cargo weight + cabinet weight. The cargo to the United  States line is very strict in terms of weight. The weight limit is mainly  affected by the road weight limit at inland points in the United States.  Generally, the small cabinet is 17.3 tons and the large high cabinet is 19.5  tons.

Customs  clearance rules

The  United States Customs Service received the AMS declaration data from the  exporting country after the ship was opened.

Local  freight forwarders or customs clearance companies in the United States must  receive the required documents for import and notice of arrival of the shipping  company one week prior to the arrival of the ship.

As  the famous pipeline suppliers from China, Xinyue’s  goal is to serve for the global market and build the world getting better,  warmly welcome to send us inquiry at any time.

Written  by Oprah

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