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Features of ASTM A179 Cold Drawn Seamless Steel Pipe

Jun. 14, 2018

A179 seamless steel pipe is widely used petroleum, chemical, light industry, machinery, instrument, include industrial pipeline and mechanical structure parts, etc.

Main features of ASTM A179 cold drawn seamless pipe are the following:

1. ASTM A179 cold drawn seamless pipe manufacturers with thick dense zinc layer covered in the cold drawn seamless pipe surface, it can avoid cold drawn seamless tube matrix and any contact with the corrosion solution to protect the steel matrix from corrosion.

2. Pure zinc layer is the most hot dipped galvanized layer of galvanized layer, its nature is basically close to pure zinc, with ductility, so it is full of flexibility.

3. With iron-zinc alloy layer, combined with dense, and with the unique anti-corrosion in the marine atmosphere.

4. Since zinc has good ductility, its alloy layer and steel base attached to a solid, so hot-rolled parts can be cold, rolling, drawing, bending and other molding without damage to the coating.

5.The surface of cold drawn seamless pipe after hot galvanized is bright and beautiful.

6.ASTM A179 cold drawn seamless pipe with a strong wear resistance due to the combination of solid, zinc-iron miscible.

7. Hot-dip galvanized structural steel pipe, the equivalent of an annealing treatment, can effectively improve the mechanical properties of steel matrix to eliminate the steel forming welding stress, is conducive to the steel structure for turning.

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