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Professional documents department support excellent sales team

Dec. 03, 2018

How to become a professional foreign trade documentation staff? In the whole trade process, document operation is a relatively important foreign trade link. Document clerk is an indispensable member of the enterprise inside the foreign trade circle. He can act as an active promoter with overseas buyers. Similarly, he is also a kind of "comprehensive" and "borderline" strong work, in addition to the quality of salesman and interpersonal communication skills; Besides, I also need to be familiar with all production processes, and I must be capable, flexible and good at accepting new things. In particular, I need to be meticulous and patient in work. For a letter of credit, even a mistake in the "understanding" of a clause or even the misspelling of several letters may cause unnecessary trouble to the enterprise. The following summary of documents in the process of particularly important points:

CORRECTNESS. Correct is the precondition of all documents work. The documents required to be produced should first meet the requirements of single and consistent documents. Secondly, all documents should meet the requirements of international trade practices, national/trade laws and regulations.

COMPLETENESS. In a sense, it mainly refers to the integrity of all documents involved in a transaction. It can be understood from the following aspects: first, the content is complete; The second and the copies are complete; Third, the integrity of the species. The contract/letter of credit on which the document is bought and sold will specify which documents to be presented by the exporter, how many copies to be presented, whether they are in duplicate, whether they need to be endorsed, and what should be shown on the documents, all of which must be met.

INTIME.PUNCTUALITY.Presentation of documents without delay. The concrete can be understood as follows: make documents in time, examine documents in time, hand in documents in time, receive foreign exchange in time. The making of documents is a complicated project, most of the documents are completed by the exporter, and some require the cooperation of relevant departments. The audit shall be carried out in parallel, so that all qualified documents can be submitted to the relevant parties within the specified time. Timely submission of documents certainly means timely collection of foreign exchange.

CONCISENESS. Simple and clear documentation. UCP500 stipulates that "in order to prevent confusion and misunderstanding, the bank shall refrain from placing too much detail in the letter of credit or any of its amendments", and experts have pointed out that the documents shall not contain any content irrelevant to the documents themselves.

TIDINESS. It means that documents should be clear, clean, beautiful and generous, with reasonable format, clear content arrangement and prominent key contents. Should not appear daub phenomenon, should avoid or reduce as far as possible add sign modification.

Tianjin xinyue group is a professional, enthusiastic and positive team. As one of the documents department, we will always uphold the company's spirit of active work, active life. We believe that the improvement of comprehensive quality will help to make business activities more secure and convenient and facilitate the rapid development of trade.

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