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Promote the high-quality development of the scrap steel industry from various aspects

Dec. 12, 2019

Regarding how to achieve the high-quality development of the scrap steel industry, Li Li pointed out that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will promote four aspects:

The first is to accelerate the optimization of industrial layout. Promote the integrated development of scrap steel recycling, dismantling, processing and distribution, promote in-depth cooperation between upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, encourage enterprises to carry out mergers and reorganizations, increase industrial concentration, and accelerate the construction of a number of regional scrap steel processing and distribution centers, which are in line with the layout of iron and steel enterprises adapt.

The second is to vigorously cultivate key enterprises. Strengthen the supervision of the announced enterprises, and establish a dynamic adjustment mechanism of entering and leaving. Promote iron and steel enterprises to lead the establishment of large-scale scrap processing and distribution enterprises, drive the green development of the entire industry chain, and guide the rational flow of waste steel resources.

The third is to improve the level of industrial technology. Accelerate the formulation of national and industry standards for waste steel processing, classification, quality control, testing and inspection, and energy saving of products and equipment. Improve the quality of scrap iron and steel materials, and implement standardized management for the entire process of purchasing, processing and utilizing scrap steel. Encourage the development and promotion of advanced equipment and processes, encourage green and intelligent development, and promote collaborative innovation in the industry chain.

The fourth is to actively implement support policies. Guidance and encouragement of social capital to increase support for the field of scrap steel. Strengthen communication and coordination with the finance, taxation and other departments, promote the implementation of the VAT refund and refund policy, further study industrial policies that are conducive to the large-scale and high-quality use of waste steel, and encourage steel companies to improve process technology and process structures. Increase the proportion of steel-making in electric furnaces.

Regarding the future development of the scrap steel industry, Wang Xinjiang called for the rational formulation of policies to promote the development of the low-carbon scrap steel industry.

Yang Shangbao, director of the Comprehensive Utilization Division of the National Development and Reform Commission, also pointed out that the metallurgical industry is a comprehensive industry. Therefore, it is necessary to make more contacts with other industries (such as the chemical and cement industry) to adapt to the market and social development pace. He proposed that in order to promote the development of the waste steel and metallurgical slag industry, in addition to innovation-driven and green development, we must also focus on promoting the improvement of raw materials and production processes through industry-standard-led methods. Participate in the formulation of relevant policies with the business community. At the same time, enterprises should coordinate and self-discipline under the leadership of industry associations, play a role in policy formulation, and maintain a better industry development environment.

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