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Start with exhibition, respect for specialty and product

Jul. 10, 2020

To promote steel industry, to represent Made-in-China ! Xinyue participate in various professional steel exhibitions around the world, aiming at having a fully understanding and deep communication with new and old customers. Therefore, Xinyue's excellent products, professional team, rich experience and firm belief in serving the global steel industry will help the industry development.

DubaiBig5 is one of the most famous exhibitions in the steel industry. Not only the major steel manufacturers and actual end users in the Middle East will come to the exhibition to learn about the world steel market and find new development opportunities and partners for enterprises in the future, but also steel related people from other regions of the world will actively participate in the exhibition. This order is issued after we met the client at at Big5 steel exhibition in November 2019.

At the exhibition,customers directly came to our company's booth after being introduced by other peer friends, and talked with us about an order of alloy steel pipe and pipe fittings, in order to verify the introduction content of peers. We analyzed the required products with professional and patient cooperation , and elaborated the whole process of follow-up production, quality control, transportation,etc., and at the same time gave suggestions to client. The client praised us for our professional and experienced service. The next,the customer came to our booth again and sign the contract with us on site and the two sides carried out cooperation smoothly.

The customer's order is 600 tons of alloy steel pipes and fittings. According to the previous communication with customers, we organized the procurement, production,technology, quality inspection, logistics departments to jointly finalize the final plan, so as to ensure that high-quality products arrive at the project site in time. Although the product requirements are well known, we are still strictly control the product quality. The relationship is deeper by solving the problems for client. For this order,Xinyue prepared the goods and passed the third-party inspection. When preparing to deliver the goods, the customer could not clear the Customs at the destination port due to the serious epidemic situation. Therefore, they requested our company to keep the contract and postpone the shipment.And they are temporarily unable to pay the balance payment due to the lock down policy.After discussion of the company, special support policies are given to customers during the epidemic period, so that customers can have value-added experience.

Start with exhibition, respect for specialty and product

The customer sent a thank-you letter to our company and requested us to deliver the goods as soon as the local epidemic situation was stable. The original packing scheme of the customer has been studied by our company, and there is a certain degree of space waste and possible damage to the goods. Our logistics department has rich experience in export packing. After that, through professional drawing software and actual packing operation photos of production workshop, we demonstrated the proposed schedule to customers and adopted it,which protected the products and saved the cost for customers. At present, the goods are on the way by sea.

Start with exhibition, respect for specialty and product

One of Xinyue's business principles is to help customers solve difficulties and help them develop business so as to achieve a win-win situation. Our company will continue to work hard to implement the vision of "Build the world, serve the globe", and grow with customers together!

Written by Kerwin

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