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The order for the Middle East marine steel structure project was successfully delivered

Sep. 14, 2022

Project location:Middle East

Product:T-Type Welding Pipe & SMLS Pipes

Standard and material:

EN10219 EN10225 S355G7/G8+N/MZ35



OD 273-1219MM

WT 12.7-75MM

L 6000-12000MM

Application:Offshore steel structure project

Inquiry time:2022.01.20

Order time:2022.05.31

Shipping time:2022.07.25

Arrival time:2022.08.30

The order for the Middle East marine steel structure project was successfully delivered

This order is not easy for us and customer. The end user has strict requirements on the steel grade of the steel pipe, and the wall thickness is 20-75mm. Regular customer contacted Xinyue at the first time when they received the project. Many successful cooperation cases in the past make them feel that Xinyue is a very trustworthy partner. Whether resources or professionalism, Xinyue hand this project will give them incomparable confidence. we began to prepare the best scheme when we received the inquiry. However, due to repeated changes in the design, we were unable to confirm the order, but we updated the feasible scheme for the customer many times during the process to support.

Until the end of May, the end user confirmed the final design, customer signed a contract with Xinyue immediately. After the gap of four months to confirm the design, the previous inventory pipes had been sold out. In order to support the customer to complete the project as soon as possible,our company gathered support from multiple departments. The procurement department integrated all resources to find the suitable raw material steel plate for this production. The production department mobilized excellent technical workers to work overtime to put it into production, The document Department handled the freight forwarding procedures and shipping matters in time, while the quality inspection department strictly carried out every test step during the production process, First step carried out physical, chemical and impact tests on the raw steel plate (CNAS laboratory), and then tested the physical and chemical and impact properties of the finished steel pipe and 100% NDT test on the weld area of T-shaped welded pipe, to ensure the quality of all pipes. Through the cooperation of all departments, the delivery date was finally controlled within 40 days. At present, the products have been delivered and put into project production. Wish our customer a better business.

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